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Welcome to GOTG

Post by Soap on Tue Apr 21, 2015 6:55 am

Welcome all, to GOTG (Guild of the Gathering).

Update: Alpha testing starting very soon. followed by beta. Need testers, PM on here to apply for an account. Alpha testing begins on 4/26/15

GOTG(Guild of the Gathering) Is a server I'm currently working on. This server will be certainly easier than main. This server will be for players who can't spend all day on this game and it provides easier and quicker paths to promotion. There will be, although, certain tasks that will take alot more effort.

Because of the fact that leveling up will not be the most difficult thing to accomplish, this game will gear towards more of a pvp - dungeon quest type server you do with your friends.

Along with special prizes for dungeon/pvp accomplishments. Also, there will be full leaderboard/ranking system for both pvp and the dungeons.

GOTG will have quests/grinding aswell. This server will not stand alone on the dungeon/pvp aspect, you will be able to accomplish alot and obtain probably %70 of all items without ever doing a dungeon or competing in pvp.

I am currently looking for some help (1 Mapper, 1 Quest Writers, compensation if quality is exceptional)

Aswell As hiring for one position.  [Coder - Can use eoserv source but would like original functions and options - Will be compensated when complete with engine, Will talk payment(USD) in private]

this post can also be found over at treos: http://www.treos.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=117&t=3659

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